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January 22


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War with Pokémon PT: 13

I followed the glowing orb with my eyes for a few minutes before the burning in my chest started to get unbearable.  I strained my eyes to look at what the orb was, and then it went away.  I closed my eyes knowing that I would never see an-

I felt the world around me warm up as something grabbed me and pulled me out of the water.  I felt the burning in my chest start to go away as my lungs sucked up oxygen.

“QUIT YOUR DAYDREAMING!!” someone yelled.  I opened my eyes again, but there was still blackness.  I whined lightly and looked around…still nothing.  Then I heard a snap of fingers, and it was like my head was just torn off and fired out of a cannon.  I screamed muffledly and my eyes shot open.  All at once my sight came back.  I looked around and saw my family looking down at me.  My heart was racing and I was hyper-ventilating.  I saw Alpha walk up behind Amber and look around.  My ears started ringing as Alpha started talking to Amber.  Amber said something back, but all I heard were a billion bees and mosquitoes flying in my head.  I closed my eyes and withstood the ringing.  As it went away I slowly opened my eyes.  I looked down at my body and saw a pool of red.  Like someone took a large cup of red dye and dumped it on me.  My vision started going black again but in the center there was a hole.  It was bright.  I started to feel like I was walking towards the light, and as I got to it; everything turned white.  I saw clouds in the sky and a rainbow right above me.  Something reached out of the sky and grabbed my floating body and pulled it in.

Amber started screaming and crying as she held my corps.  The tears flowing down like small waterfalls.  She pressed my head to her neck and hugged my body tightly as she cried.  Alpha began to step forward, but Serina and Derrick stopped her.  They forced her to stay put as Amber let out her sorrows.  They watched as she started digging a large hole near the pond.  The hole was six feet deep, four feet wide, and around five to six feet long.  She picked a small red and black flower and placed it on my chest as she lowered me into the ground.  The Milotic left for a few minutes and came back with a large rock.  She gave it to Amber.  Amber took it and set it down, as she started filling the hole up with dirt.  She then stuck the large rock into the dirt and carved a few words into it.


Amber stood up and looked at the grave.  A few tears fell down and sunk into it.  Almost instantly she saw something push on the dirt.  After watching it for a few seconds, a flower grew.  It had a black stem, with blood red peddles.  The center of it had three small black stems; they were about an inch long each; with dark red bulbs on the end of them.

Amber fell to her knees and gently rubbed the flower “I’m sorry…” she said lowly as she stood up.  She looked at the four people watching her, and sniffled.  She then turned around and ran off on all fours.

“AMBER STOP!! COME BACK…please…” Derrick begged as he held his arm out as if he could just grab her from a hundred meters away and pull her back to him.  Amber didn’t listen, or get pulled back, and kept running.  She ran for miles, as she cried.  She was determined to do something.  

After a few miles went by, Amber stopped running.  She was breathing hard and started walking slowly.  She looked around her surroundings, and saw nothing but trees.  She looked to the sky, and saw the full moon right above her.  She snarled; the moon was full and lively, so why wasn’t her best friend?  Why did the moon deserve to become full on a night like tonight?!  Amber felt her rage build up until she couldn’t take it anymore.  A deep purple-black aura started swirling around her, and the grass around her started dying.  She screamed as she smashed her balled fists into the ground.  The ground detonated into a purple sphere that expanded and infected every tree and every blade of grass.  When she looked up she saw a huge three-hundred diameter infection of black energy around her.  The forest around her withered and died, and the Pokémon ran away to escape being infected by the black toxin.  Amber watched as black flowers started sprouting all around her.  She thought they should make her happy, but all they were doing was reminding her of me.  She fell onto the ground and curled up into a ball.  Her cries of agony could be heard from miles around, as she started crying loudly again.  She heard dead grass crunching under something’s foot and looked up.  She saw Lilith.  She remembered not seeing the large Arcanine as she was burying me.

“What do you want Lilith?” Amber asked angrily, and stood up.  Lilith sighed and got into attack position.

“You let him die! It’s all your fault! You need to die!” Lilith yelled.  It sounded a little evil, and impure, but Amber didn’t notice it.  Lilith lunged at Amber with her claws extended.  Amber didn’t even move as she felt her rage start to increase.  Like a flash of lightning she shot a Shadowball at Lilith.  It hit her in the stomach and she was sent flying.

“DON’T MAKE ME DO THIS LILITH…I let you live before…if you continue this, I won’t let you live again!” Amber threatened as she charged up a few more Shadowballs.  The grass crunched again and Amber saw Alpha standing there.

“YOU LET HIM GET HURT! You’re the reason he couldn’t move to defend himself OR scream to let us know!! YOU NEED TO DIE!!” Alpha yelled as she charged up an Aurasphere.  Amber released four Shadowballs towards Alpha, and Alpha sent the Aurasphere spiraling towards Amber.  The sphere blasted through the Shadowballs and spiraled towards Amber at high speeds.  Amber smirked and grabbed the sphere.  The original blue sphere screeched as it turned black and was thrown towards its first master.  It smashed into Alpha and sent her flying into a tree.  She slid down and into a bush.  Amber walked up and grabbed Alpha by the neck.  She lifted her out of the bush, but it wasn’t her.  Amber was staring at herself.  She jumped backwards and got ready.

“Amber…darling…you can’t beat yourself…you know that…WE know that…” the doppelganger said, as it charged up a few Shadowballs.  The real Amber stepped back.  She could see through illusions, because she controlled them…but this wasn’t an illusion.  This was either a shape shifter or…something worse.  Amber created the same number of Shadowballs.  Both Amber’s smirked and threw the shadow balls.  One threw them to the left, and the other threw them to the right.  Both of them were hit by the opposite Amber’s Shadowballs.  The real Amber was the first to stand up, but when she looked towards her opponent…she saw her worst nightmare.  

I was standing there in the middle of the infected area; crying, and with a flower in my hands.  I looked at Amber “Why would you let that thing kill said you would protect me” I said lightly.  Amber looked at my chest and saw the large hole that was left by the tynamo.  Amber fell to her knees, and started crying; her tears watering the dead grass below.  

“I did as best as I could…I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…” Amber said as I walked up to her.  Amber watched as I came closer to her.  She looked at the charred hole in my chest.  It was still smoking from the lightning bolt that the tynamo graciously gifted to me.  Unknown to Amber; I was hiding a knife behind the flower that I was holding.

“May…May I have a hug…please?” I begged.  Amber nodded and hugged me tightly.  I felt her paw grab my hands.  She twisted my hand holding the knife, and I felt the point touch my body.  I tried to pull away.  It didn’t work, as I felt the knife plunge into my stomach and pierce my organs…if I had any.

Amber pulled away and watched as my body disintegrated.  She wasn’t amazed at what was left behind.  She was standing over a small purple Pokémon. It glowed with warmth and radiated evil.

“A chandelure…tisk tisk tisk…you should have tried harder…” Amber said lowly as she looked down at the lamp Pokémon.  She looked at the large knife sticking out of the center of its main body.  She grabbed the handle and twisted it, and watched as the purple lamp twisted and writhed in agony.

“Please…stop…I’m sorry…” it spoke as the knife threatened to end its life.  The blade was dangerously close to piercing its flaming heart.

“Why should I stop? Do you not want to die? If not…then…you should have thought about that BEFORE ACTING AS MY FAMILY!!” she yelled as she pulled the knife out and held it above the injured creature.  It watched as she brought the blade down.  It closed its eyes and heard a loud “SHINK.” The chandelure was sure it was dead, but opened its eyes slightly.  The knife was right in its face.  It looked from the blade to Amber and back to the blade.

“If I let you live…will you take my family and me to the palace?” Amber asked lowly.  The lamp nodded lightly and saw as Amber stabbed the knife into the ground.  She gently picked up the injured creature and walked out of the infected area of the forest.  She walked all the way back to the pond where she buried me, and slowly set the chandelure down.  After the lamp Pokémon was resting on the ground; she walked over to my grave.

“I hope you can forgive me…this was all my fault…I…I am sorry…” she said lowly as she gently touched one peddle on the flower that grew in my grave.  She grabbed a paw-full of water and poured it around the flower to keep it alive.  

“I’m sorry about your friend…and for posing as him…and….for trying to kill you…” the chandelure said lowly.  Amber picked it up and walked back to the last place she knew her family was staying, and luckily; they were there still.  They were all crying and hoping that their friend would come back.  

When Amber went back into the cave; all she saw were a bunch of crying Pokémon and a crying human.  She sighed and set the chandelure down and walked inside.  That’s when Lilith sniffed her out.  Lilith looked at Amber and stopped crying.

“YOUR BACK!! Oh my god…where did you go? What happened? Why did you leave us?” Lilith asked with intent to ask a million other questions, but stopped herself.  Amber sighed and started bandaging up the chandelure’s large wound that she inflicted on it.  The family watched as Amber finished up bandaging it up.  

“I’m sorry…” She said and started telling the story of the imposters and the chandelure.  After that was done they all decided to fall asleep.  They were just happy to have her back.

Though…somewhere else;  a small place with small trees, small flowers, a small pond…and a small grave; things weren’t happy.  Someone powerful had the intent to disrupt a grave...

the first casualty in this family...who will die next? one knows


Alpha, Serina, Derrick are all owned by :iconwoodlandhornet:


luna is owned by :iconserperioreatsyou21:


the rest are created by me

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